Backlink audit

Optimize your link profile by helping you to identify harmful backlinks and ensure their quality.

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Our services & levers in the area of backlink audit

A good backlink profile can boost the ranking of a website. That’s why we help you as an SEO agency to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your link profile.

Link building

A backlink audit not only serves to identify toxic links in your backlink profile and render them harmless, but is also the basis for the development and expansion of your link building strategy. We identify potential ways in which your backlink profile can be built up and strengthened. This opens up new ways to indirectly improve your ranking through an optimized backlink profile and avoid ranking losses due to Google penalties. We are happy to support you throughout the entire process with the development and implementation of suitable measures.

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✔ Preventing traffic losses

Through regular backlink audits, potential problems in the link profile can be identified and rectified before they lead to traffic losses. This allows proactive measures to be taken to ensure that your website maintains visibility in search results.

✔ Determining broken links

Backlink audits help to identify broken links or links that are no longer valid. Removing them ensures that visitors are not redirected to incorrect pages, improving the user experience and increasing the trustworthiness of your website.

✔ Link building reporting

Backlink audits provide insights into link building metrics such as the number of backlinks, anchor texts, etc. The reporting makes it possible to measure the success of the link building strategies used and to make direct adjustments if necessary.

✔ Link profile development

By monitoring the development of the link profile, positive or negative trends can be identified. This makes it possible to evaluate the success of the measures and ensure that the link profile keeps pace with the requirements of search engines.

✔ New link building potential

Backlink audits can uncover untapped opportunities for further link building. This could include identifying relevant websites for collaborations, guest posts or other link building strategies that can further improve your company's link building profile.

✔ Avoidance of penalties

Backlink audits help identifying and removing harmful links helps to avoid penalties. A clean and high-quality backlink structure is crucial to ensure that your website is not affected by algorithm updates or manual measures.

What is a backlink audit?

We identify existing problems and potential in your link building.

A backlink audit maps the complete backlink profile of a website and aims to identify good links and eliminate harmful “toxic” links or links that potentially pose a risk. A backlink is a link on an external site that points to your site and is one of the most important ranking factors, as a website with many links is ranked higher. A backlink audit can also provide information about the link data of competitors and thus reveal potential for your own link building. A backlink audit is usually carried out as part of a comprehensive SEO audit. All links that lead from other domains to your own website are analyzed. All links must be individually checked and scrutinized for their quality and topic relevance using various metrics. This is important because Google penalizes websites that pursue illegal link building strategies for link spam, link buying and more. This has a negative impact on your own ranking. A backlink audit is designed to prevent this by eliminating risky links that Google considers to be spam in advance. Even if you have a clean slate and use legal link building measures, it can happen that other websites practice black hat SEO and deliberately place toxic, low-quality links on your site in order to damage your ranking. With a backlink audit, this can be prevented through regular checks. If potentially harmful links are discovered, action can be taken against them in good time.

Google penalties for prohibited link building

The result is a loss of visibility and rankings.

Manual penalty

The Google Spam Team will notify you via the Google Search Console under “Security and manual measures”

Algorithmic penalty

Algorithmic violations have been penalized by Google since the Penguin Update 2016 and are noticeable through traffic losses and sudden high visibility losses.

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Relevant metrics for a backlink audit

These metrics determine the success of your website.

Domain rating

The domain rating rates the domains that link to a website according to their quality on a scale of 1 to 100. The domain rating affects how easily a website generates high-quality and many backlinks.

Domain popularity (Domainpop or Domain Popularity) describes the number of different domains that refer to a specific domain with at least one link. Each link is only counted once per domain. Domain popularity is one of the most important indicators in off-page optimization.

Link popularity is a measure of the number of backlinks that point to a website. The more links point to a page, the higher its weighting or link popularity. Together with domain popularity, link popularity forms the basis of a backlink audit.

Broken backlinks are links that point to a 404 page. They do not pass on any link juice and should ideally be replaced by functioning URLs with similar content or permanently redirected to a relevant page.

Top level domains or “TLDs” are the domains that most frequently link to a website. They should be checked for their geographical origin, as a site should have as many links as possible from its location. If many foreign domains link to your own site, this may be a sign of spam.

The link source describes the linking website or domain. Important key figures for link sources are topic relevance, visibility, domain age and domain popularity of the linking website.

In order for a link to be set, a name or text must be added that indicates what the linked target page is about. The anchor text (also called link text) makes the link “visible”. The link should appear as natural as possible, contain the brand or URL of the website being linked to and make it clear what type of content is behind it. Foreign characters, grammatically incorrect keyword groups and image links as anchor text, on the other hand, can be a sign of spam.

The “Follow” and “NoFollow” instructions tell a search engine how it should crawl and index a page. The “Nofollow” attribute means that Google does not follow the link on a page. “NoFollow” links are part of a natural link profile. An unnatural follow/nofollow ratio can be an indication of blog comment spam.

More important than the number of backlinks is the quality of the backlinks. If many high-quality domains such as strong websites or well-known domains link to a website, this is a better link profile than if only small, unknown websites link to your own page.

Natural link building takes place slowly and steadily over a long period of time. If many backlinks are generated in a short period of time, this is usually unnatural manipulation.

With a good backlink profile, the linking domains consist of websites that are thematically relevant to the overarching topic of the linked page. If the backlink audit identifies predominantly off-topic backlinks, this should be checked.

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Frequently Asked Ques­tions

Questions & answers about the backlink audit

Why is a backlink audit important?

The quality and number of backlinks on a page are essential factors for the ranking, because the more reputable websites link to one, the more important it appears to be. On the other hand, toxic spammy backlinks can negatively influence the ranking in the search results. A backlink audit reveals potentially risky backlinks, which can then be removed independently before penalties result in a loss of visibility. It also reveals new potential for link building measures.

Since the Penguin Google update, websites that violate Google’s guidelines have been penalized. In particular, website operators who pursue link buying, link exchange and other undesirable link building strategies have been penalized since then and lose traffic and visibility. A backlink audit prevents this by detecting bad links at an early stage. Valuable SEO budget can also be saved by correcting faulty backlinks.

A backlink audit should be carried out regularly in order to continuously check your own link profile. This allows you to determine whether and which new links have been added, whether important backlinks have been removed or no longer work and which link building measures promise success in the future. A backlink audit should therefore be carried out at least once a year, or more frequently if necessary for more precise monitoring.

There are many different tools from various providers that can be used for a backlink audit. Depending on the desired metrics to be checked in the backlink audit, different tools can be considered. The most common tools used for a link audit include Ahrefs, Semrush and Sistrix.

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