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Our services & levers on TikTok

TikTok is young, colorful and flashy. The ideal platform to reach young people. As a TikTok marketing agency, we take care of ads, strategy and consulting for your success!


TikTok is the latest social media platform on the market, which is catching up fast, has hundreds of millions of users and is putting pressure on the top dogs. On average, TikTok users are very young, mainly young people, teens and twens, but the portal is also attracting older users. TikTok is still under the radar in many companies and agencies – a real gap that you can close with us as a specialized agency. We examine all account details for you in order to derive suitable recommendations for action and optimization levers and keep a constant eye on them.

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You can expect a high reach on TikTok. Your content can therefore be displayed to a large number of potentially interested parties if you create it specifically for your target group.


TikTok has an increased potential for virality thanks to its algorithm and user-generated content. The viral effect can be additionally supported by the advertising formats offered on TikTok.

Young target group

TikTok is the ideal platform for reaching young people. But the older generation has also long since taken a liking to it, which is why the platform is becoming the focus of more and more companies.

How does TikTok work?

Trends, challenges and music on the social video platform.

On TikTok, users can upload short videos that are accompanied by music. The clips can be customized with filters and then shared with others. Each video runs under certain hashtags that can challenge other users to a competition as part of a challenge. The videos are mostly about well-known and current songs that are sung by young people. TikTok works in partnership with the major music industries and offers almost every song available. Bloggers can therefore use the songs for their videos free of charge. Others watch the short videos for amusement. Music is the main component of TikTok. In addition to music, however, there are also other channels that are gradually being added. The users are relatively young at under 20 years old. However, there has never been such a great opportunity to reach a target group that grows up with such a high affinity for digital media and is introduced to brands at an early age by innovative apps such as TikTok.

In future, TikTok will offer a wide variety of advertising formats for brands. Unique campaigns need to be created for this. Native video ads can open up new potential for your own branding. Those who position themselves early can make the best possible use of new features and formats. TikTok can be used for various marketing objectives – if you want to increase the number of your app users, TikTok offers you the opportunity to direct users to the iTunes or Google Play Store in a targeted manner and without wastage. You can also use the TikTok app to increase your awareness, especially among the young target group. The young community is also an advantage for your company in terms of recruiting, as it represents the new generation of employees and you can get users excited about your company at a young age. TikTok advertising is also suitable for performance marketing to increase your traffic and conversions.

TikTok ad formats

Run creative and interactive advertising campaigns and interact with your community.

Brand takeover: The user’s focus can be drawn directly to the ad using static or dynamic full-screen ads. Both 3-second JPGs and 3 to 5-second videos can be used.

In-Feed Ads: With In-Feed Ads, the video content is integrated directly into the user’s personal feed so that the story is always in the foreground. Autoplay videos up to 60 seconds long with sound are used here, which can be commented on, shared and liked. Users can also record videos with the same sound/music.

Top View: Top View is a video format that puts a brand in the spotlight in the best possible way. Similar to in-feed ads, this is supported by a video up to 60 seconds long with image and sound.

Branded effects: Branded effects are probably the most eye-catching advertising formats on TikTok. With customized stickers, filters or special effects, the full potential of the ad is used. This is both visually appealing and also encourages imitation and participation.

10 TikTok best practice approaches

Use the power!

  1. Always make sure to produce vertical videos.
  2. The videos should be short and concise.
  3. Important elements should be placed centrally (texts, elements, etc.)
  4. The videos and graphics should be produced to a high quality.
  5. Sound-on-videos perform better, so work with songs.
  6. Captions underline the message – short and concise.
  7. Incorporate striking CTAs so that users click on the ad.
  8. Change the advertising media regularly and prevent ad fatigue.
  9. Try to design diverse campaigns. Stay vital!
  10. Test. Test. Test. – What works today doesn’t have to last.
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Professional, proactive support and innovative approaches

Loyamo’s social media strategy has not only maximized our reach, but has also led to a sustained increase in interactions and brand awareness. Their professional, proactive support and innovative approaches have been invaluable to us.

Jochen Mumme, Vice President Marketing, VIU Eyewear
Loyamo is a very strong and capable partner

Loyamo is a very strong and capable partner in the planning and implementation of sophisticated paid social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. Thanks to their support, we are continuously increasing our visibility, reach and interactions with our relevant target groups.

Anna-Lena Berthold, Online Marketing Managerin, TUM Campus Heilbronn
mr marine linkedin
The collaboration with Loyamo over the past months has been a great journey of growth and learning.

We received expert support at all times on our LinkedIn & SEO strategy and tailored recommendations. The team’s professionalism, commitment and responsiveness exceeded our expectations. We recommend Loyamo to anyone in search of high-level digital support.

Sara Bernardi, Key Account Director, Mr. Marine

Frequently Asked Ques­tions

Questions & answers about TikTok marketing

TikTok is a social video network that emerged from the lip-sync app musical.ly and its Asian counterpart Douyin. The platform allows users to consume entertainment videos and upload short videos they have created themselves. The “challenge” format and “lip sync” videos in particular have emerged as social phenomena on the network.

TikTok is difficult to describe, it ranges from comical, funny, confusing, inspiring to poignant. Users have already found many creative ways to express themselves on the app. Due to its widespread use in many different cultures, trends on TikTok move very quickly.

Even if TikTok has not yet triggered a huge hype in the DACH region and the majority of the target group is very young, brands and companies from the DACH region should by no means ignore TikTok. Brands and companies that offer products and services for the young target group in particular could fundamentally benefit from TikTok.

Searching for hashtags is similarly relevant on TikTok as it is on Instagram. On the one hand, it is about identifying relevant hashtags from popular content and creators. In addition, as a brand or company, you should also take part in challenges and produce content for them. Of course, the right hashtags are essential.

A hashtag challenge on TikTok focuses on user-generated content. The structure usually focuses on a start video and various videos from influencers on TikTok. A topic or task is presented and TikTok users are encouraged to imitate the challenge.

Some of the TikTok videos are based on real storytelling, with elaborate production and creative ideas. The individual videos can be played and watched without registering. Registration is required to follow other users, interact with them and post videos yourself. Many filters can be used to create videos.

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