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Our focus points in affiliate marketing

An optimal combination of the following levers is the be-all and end-all of affiliate marketing.

Data feed provision

If available, product data is the most effective way to arouse the curiosity of users and increase sales. To do this, the advertiser must fill a database with the product data and update it regularly. Product data includes images, descriptions, price and availability.

By dynamically integrating this product data into the publisher’s advertising material, the offers are always up-to-date and thus ensure higher CTRs. Product data is essential for cooperation with comparison portals; ideally, the data can be retrieved directly by the publisher via API.

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Increase brand awareness

Affiliates are used to make brands known to a wide audience so that it is remembered.

Increase reach

Partnerships expand visibility, reach new target groups and increase market reach.

Remuneration only if successful

Advertisers only pay for actual sales or leads, which promotes financial efficiency.

Variety of publishers

Affiliate networks bring with them a wide range of publishers with a high reach.

Targeted advertising

Targeted addressing of specific niches or target groups for effective marketing.

Long-term partnerships

Building stable relationships with affiliates for continuous market promotion.

Affiliate marketing pays off! - short and long term

But you have to know what the relevant levers are!

Affiliate marketing is often referred to as a partner program in Germany. These partnerships between an advertiser and a publisher describe a marketing channel that takes place on the Internet on a commission basis. For companies, usually acting as advertisers, affiliate marketing offers great opportunities to offer their own products and services to a wider audience. Publishers provide advertising space on their own online presence where advertising material can be placed.

These range from the blog of a private individual to the websites of large other companies or voucher and discount portals. In the case of the latter, for example, their own business model is fundamentally based on affiliate marketing. However, passionate bloggers can also monetize their own blog through collaborations and the integration of advertising. The difference to classic, usually frowned upon banner advertising is that affiliate marketing is success-based in the classic sense.

The referrer (publisher or partner) is only remunerated on a pro rata basis or with a fixed value through a successful sale (e.g. purchase of a product) or lead (e.g. download of an app), i.e. a measurable success for the advertiser. It is therefore not just the quantity that matters, but rather the quality of the target group of an advertising platform. The right choice of partners is therefore a key success factor that needs to be taken into account. For better placements with more interesting partners, an additional WKZ (advertising cost subsidy) may be due – in addition to possible commission payments – which is paid by the merchant to the publisher regardless of success.

Affiliate networks serve as a platform and are located between the merchant and the publishers. Affiliate networks also offer the advantage of finding suitable partners that match your own industry and target group. Tracking and remuneration also take place easily on the platform. This makes it possible to provide support both on the way to and during a cooperation. And this is where we come into play as an Awin Certified Agency.

Our affiliate marketing experts are key account managers for your affiliate program and will help you to use affiliate marketing successfully. Our affiliate marketing agency has many years of experience in the field of affiliate programs and supports clients of different company sizes in a variety of industries. It is not for nothing that we are regularly recognized as a partner agency by Awin, Germany’s largest affiliate network. No matter whether you are just starting out or have already gained experience in affiliate marketing. We support you in successfully expanding your affiliate program so that we can celebrate your successes together.

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Loyamo has been instrumental in driving forward our digital ambitions with their extensive online marketing expertise.

Their customized strategies, whether in SEO, SEA or social media, lead to a sustainable increase in our online visibility. In Loyamo, we have found a reliable partner who not only understands our marketing goals, but also implements them.

Jochen Mumme, Vice President Marketing, VIU Eyewear
Loyamo continues to impress us in online marketing.

Loyamo continuously impresses us in online marketing with its extensive
expertise, foresight and a high level of commitment. The contact persons
Loyamo’s reliable and professional approach and support make a significant
support make a significant contribution to our success.

Anna-Lena Berthold, Online Marketing Managerin, TUM Campus Heilbronn
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We have been working very successfully with Loyamo in the affiliate sector for many years.

With their in-depth industry knowledge and strategic approach, they have contributed significantly to the success of numerous partner programs in our network. For me, working with Loyamo means a partnership at eye level!

Alexander Kube, Director Client Services & Business Development, AWIN

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & answers about affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to partner programs with publishers who provide advertising space on their websites. Advertisers can place their advertising there and pay a commission to the affiliate for a successful sale or lead. This enables companies to distribute their products or services on other websites.

Affiliate marketing can generate high additional income. Affiliate marketing is a low-cost sales channel with a low risk. A commission is only paid in the event of success, i.e. when the additional traffic has also generated the desired success in the form of leads or sales. At the same time, products and services can be advertised and the reach and brand awareness increased.

The costs for affiliate marketing cannot be generalized. They mainly depend on the following 3 factors: Fixed costs (one-off network fees, advertising material, etc.), maintenance costs (e.g. agency fees) and performance-related costs (e.g. commission payments to affiliates, network fees, etc.) thus influence the overall costs for affiliate marketing.The costs for affiliate marketing cannot be generalized. They mainly depend on the following 3 factors: Fixed costs (one-off network fees, advertising material, etc.), maintenance costs (e.g. agency fees) and performance-related costs (e.g. commission payments to affiliates, network fees, etc.) therefore influence the overall costs of affiliate marketing.

In general, it can be said that affiliate marketing is suitable for any company of any size that wants to increase its own brand awareness and corporate image based on performance, achieve a greater reach or achieve higher sales figures and turnover. However, it should be noted that you should be clear about whether your own target group can be reached or whether your own offer is suitable.

The requirements in affiliate marketing are becoming ever greater. The sustainable success of an affiliate program will depend on more and more factors in the future, requiring experience and specialist knowledge. This is why more and more companies are turning to the expertise of agencies that specialize in affiliate marketing or, on a larger scale, performance marketing.

We support you right from the start in setting up your account, advise you and find the most suitable affiliate network for you. Our full-service support includes key account management, publisher acquisition and sustainable quality assurance for your affiliate program. Benefit from our many years of experience in various affiliate marketing sectors.

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We are passionate about our work and develop individual strategies.

We have worked for 212 clients since 2016.
We support companies from 23 different industries.
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We have been serving many clients for many years.
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