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Our services & levers in Spotify marketing

Spotify is today’s radio for the younger generations and ideal for addressing young target groups. We support you from account set-up to campaign management and ad creation.


Maintain full transparency about the success of your campaign. Thanks to regular reports created by us, you can track all developments in detail and stay up to date. With our expertise, we give you insights into reach, response and reactions and examine your performance and streaming conversions. With the help of real-time reporting, we help you to track your goals and optimize campaigns. We provide you with specific recommendations for action and show you your optimization potential.

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Targeted advertising

Spotify enables precise targeting of advertising based on users' listening behavior, preferences and demographics. You can therefore target those who are likely to be interested in the content you are advertising. This improves the efficiency of the advertising campaign and minimizes wastage.

Large reach

Spotify has a huge user base worldwide, with millions of active listeners. By using this far-reaching platform, you can reach a wide audience and increase your brand awareness. You have the opportunity to reach both local and global audiences, depending on the goals you want to achieve with your marketing campaign.

Data­based optimization

Spotify offers a detailed analysis of user data, which in turn can be used for the ongoing optimization of marketing strategies. By evaluating metrics such as listening behavior, playback time and interactions, you can effectively adapt your campaigns to maximize their effectiveness and achieve your set goals.

How does Spotify advertising differ from social media platforms?

Audio-based advertising on Spotify.

Like most social media platforms, Spotify provides information on demographic data such as age, gender and location, which can be used for marketing purposes.

Spotify also provides information about other data that is not provided by other platforms. In particular, Spotify can collect some information about the listening behavior of its users. This provides an insight into the listening behavior and interests of users, which helps to define target groups.

Genres and sub-genres listened to by the user as well as playlist and podcast categories can also provide information about the user’s interests. This allows ads to be placed in relevant genres, playlists and podcasts in order to reach the right target group.

With streaming intelligence, Spotify can also predict what music its users are interested in and suggest corresponding playlists and albums. The same technology can also be used to predict which advertising the user might be interested in. This is known as lookalike targeting.

Spotify also knows what context a user is currently in. Depending on whether they are in the car or at home, in the morning or in the evening, playing music in the app or on their desktop, the right marketing message can reach them at the right moment and an effective story can be told.

Spotify ad formats

Gain the attention of your users!

Audio ads: Audio ads on Spotify are similar to traditional radio advertising and are played after every third song in the free version of Spotify. Alongside the audio, an advertising image is displayed together with the company’s campaign name, which can be clicked on to lead to the company page. Your brand receives 100% share of voice.

Podcast Ads: Spotify’s Influencer Ads are placed before, during and after a podcast. These are ads that are also played for Spotify Premium users and can be implemented in topic-specific podcasts to reach the right target group.

Display advertising: A graphic display ad is shown for 30 seconds in the desktop version of Spotify. It is also possible to add a link to this format.

Overlay: An overlay ad is the first thing a user sees when the Spotify app is opened. If the user clicks on this ad, they are redirected to the target URL of the campaign and in order to bypass it, they must actively interact with it and minimize it themselves. In the desktop version, the ad automatically minimizes to a display ad after a few seconds.

Video takeover: Like audio ads, this format is inserted between songs. Instead of an audio clip, users see a short video clip. However, this format only works if the user is actively using the app.

Sponsored Sessions: To avoid advertising interruptions for 30 minutes, this ad format gives the user the opportunity to watch a maximum 30-second video, after which a clickable display ad appears. After this, there is no advertising between the individual songs for 30 minutes.

Branded or sponsored playlist: A brand can become the exclusive sponsor of popular Spotify playlists for its own target group. The brand logo appears prominently in the playlist and audio and video messages are played during each commercial break.

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Loyamo has been instrumental in driving forward our digital ambitions with their extensive online marketing expertise.

Their customized strategies, whether in SEO, SEA or social media, lead to a sustainable increase in our online visibility. In Loyamo, we have found a reliable partner who not only understands our marketing goals, but also implements them.

Jochen Mumme, Vice President Marketing, VIU Eyewear
Loyamo continues to impress us in online marketing.

Loyamo continuously impresses us in online marketing with its extensive
expertise, foresight and a high level of commitment. The contact persons
Loyamo’s reliable and professional approach and support make a significant
support make a significant contribution to our success.

Anna-Lena Berthold, Online Marketing Managerin, TUM Campus Heilbronn

Frequently Asked Ques­tions

Questions & answers about Spotify marketing

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming service where users can listen to music, audio books and podcasts. Among other things, users can follow their favorite musicians and create their own playlists. Spotify has now established itself as the top music provider ahead of YouTube. In addition to the paid premium version without advertising, there is also a free version that allows anyone to listen to music for free.

A Spotify campaign can be launched and be successful with a budget of just €250. The price varies depending on which targeting is selected. In Spotify’s Ad Studio, audio ads can be created free of charge with voiceovers and scripts and only the impressions that are actually delivered are paid for each ad delivered. A small advertising budget can bring great success on this platform.

Spotify is much more popular than traditional radio, especially among younger people. Gradually, however, more and more older generations are also using this form of audio entertainment. Spotify marketing is ideal for reaching these target groups. While radio ads are not targeted to specific audiences, Spotify’s tracking makes it possible to precisely analyse performance and minimize wastage. The ads can be targeted and flexibly played out to the right target group.

Spotify advertising allows companies to harness the emotional power of music. With the ads that are played between the music, brands can transfer emotional engagement and purchase intent to users. As the music app is an integral part of users’ lives, it can say a lot about their online and offline behavior. Brands therefore have the opportunity to get to know their target group better and reach them at the right moment.

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