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We help you to expand your social media presence by supporting you in selecting suitable influencers and communicating with them.

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Our influencer marketing services

As an influencer marketing agency, we look for the perfect match between companies and influencers. We create unique campaigns so that you can market your products in the best possible way. You benefit from great reach and awareness.

Influencer Communication

We research suitable influencers and take care of all communication.

✔ Find suitable influencers

We brainstorm potential candidates using various tools, directories, contacts, etc. to improve your social media marketing.

✔ Compatibility check

Do the influencers fit into your marketing strategy, which channels are available and what does the performance data look like?

✔ Contact

We take care of all communication with the influencers and ensure that both you and the influencers are satisfied.

✔ Joint cooperation planning

We work with you to create a concept, clarify the legal framework and define the service portfolio.

✔ Evaluating cooperation

We use analyses to evaluate the colla­boration and check whether agreed services are being adhered to.

✔ Ongoing support

We look after you and the influencers you have chosen for the entire duration of the influencer marketing campaign.

What is influencer marketing?

Good question!

Influencer marketing is one of the most present trends in the current digital advertising industry. The further development of the web and the changing usage behavior of social media offer many new opportunities for companies to market their products and services.

By definition, influencer marketing is a strategy used in social media marketing on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok and on the social web to spread advertising messages with a wider reach. Influencers are responsible for dissemination and can introduce and recommend products to their community in various ways.

Companies must therefore find specific product and brand advocates who are in demand as experts in certain subject areas so that they can then draw their community’s attention to the brand/product.

Influencer marketing is relevant in all areas. Influencers are not only exciting in traditional areas such as fashion, beauty, interiors, etc. Collaborations between companies and influencers can also be very promising in niche areas.

The basics of influencer marketing

What are the basics?

General information:

  • Almost a third of Germans have already bought a product because an influencer advertised it
  • 36% of 14 to 17-year-olds surveyed obtain information about products or services directly from influencers
  • Consumers spend an average of 101 euros on a purchase based on an influencer recommendation


  • Influencers sometimes have a very high reach and reach thousands of potential customers
  • Influencers give companies and products a face and thus more easily arouse emotions in their community
  • Influencers can address exactly the target group that companies want to reach


  • Nano-influencers have between 1,000-10,000 subscribers
  • Micro-influencers have between 10,000-100,000 subscribers
  • Macro-influencers have between 100,000-1,000,000 subscribers
  • Mega-influencers start at 1,000,000 subscribers
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Professional, proactive support and innovative approaches

Loyamo’s social media strategy has not only maximized our reach, but has also led to a sustained increase in interactions and brand awareness. Their professional, proactive support and innovative approaches have been invaluable to us.

Jochen Mumme, Vice President Marketing, VIU Eyewear
Loyamo is a very strong and capable partner

Loyamo is a very strong and capable partner in the planning and implementation of sophisticated paid social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. Thanks to their support, we are continuously increasing our visibility, reach and interactions with our relevant target groups.

Anna-Lena Berthold, Online Marketing Managerin, TUM Campus Heilbronn
mr marine linkedin
The collaboration with Loyamo over the past months has been a great journey of growth and learning.

We received expert support at all times on our LinkedIn & SEO strategy and tailored recommendations. The team’s professionalism, commitment and responsiveness exceeded our expectations. We recommend Loyamo to anyone in search of high-level digital support.

Sara Bernardi, Key Account Director, Mr. Marine

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & answers about influencer marketing

What is an influencer?

Influencers are people who have a large reach on social media and inform their followers about certain topics or products. The most popular categories here are beauty, fashion, travel and interiors. However, influencers who advertise can also be found in niche topics.

The costs of an influencer cooperation can vary greatly. The decisive factor is always the reach of the influencer and the effort involved. Large influencers with a large reach will incur more costs than small influencers.

Influencer marketing is relevant for every company in every industry. Why? Because the diversity of influencers has grown enormously in recent years. There are now people and communities in every subject area who are interested. It doesn’t matter how big or well-known your company is. Influencers can give young start-ups the attention they need or help large companies to increase their brand awareness or branding.

Recently, the profession of “‘influencer” has repeatedly come under heavy criticism because it is claimed that being an influencer is not a real profession and that they advertise everything anyway. It is clear that these statements do not apply to all influencers. But how do you find “‘good’ influencers”?

Above all, it is important that the profile and the advertisements placed on it are authentic and consistent. If several new brands and products are presented every week, you can assume that the advertising is not authentic.

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We have worked for 212 clients since 2016.
We support companies from 23 different industries.
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