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Our services & levers on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. As an Instagram marketing agency, we take care of the development of a marketing strategy, the placement of ads and far-reaching advice on social media marketing to ensure your company’s success on platforms such as Instagram.


Social media platforms are ideal for collecting extensive data and information about users and their online activities. Based on this, you can understand the behavior and interests of your target group even more precisely and consequently tailor your target group approach even more precisely to them. On request, we would be happy to help you with our agency services to find out which target group is particularly relevant for you on Instagram, what specific buyer personas look like for your company and how you can address them ideally with the help of suitable marketing campaigns.

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Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. Due to its high reach, Instagram marketing is becoming increasingly attractive as an advertising measure for companies.


Thanks to its versatile design options and features, Instagram offers the ideal conditions for shared posts to go viral. In particular, sharing, liking and saving posts ensures that they quickly gain visibility.

Broad target group

There is hardly any other platform where so much content is shared every day as on Instagram. It's not for nothing that more and more users are using the platform as a source of inspiration.

How does Instagram work?

Instagram as a visual diary.

The basic principle behind using the Instagram social media platform is that users can view the content shared by friends, public figures, influencers and companies. At the same time, users can publish content themselves in their profile, which they can either make publicly accessible or share in the form of a private profile only with people who follow their profile.

When using the app, users are shown the content of the accounts they follow on their homepage, as well as advertising posts from marketing campaigns from companies they do not yet follow. They can also use the search function to search for specific accounts, hashtags, locations and keywords, for which matching results are then displayed. The search function page also shows users posts in the form of images and videos that match their algorithm, drawing their attention to new accounts that may be of interest to them. Since 2020, Instagram has also introduced the Reels subcategory, for which there is another section in the app.

In general, all account owners have the option of creating content in the form of images, videos, carousels, reels and stories and publishing these in their profile. Posts in the feed can be liked, saved, shared and commented on by users. Users can react to stories with emojis or messages. Stories can also be reposted and there are numerous interactive components, such as question stickers, surveys or links, which can be used to make the stories even more individual.

Public figures and companies can also have their profile verified. This is indicated by a blue tick that appears next to the user name. If you also convert your account into a business account, you have the option of placing ads, linking products, defining budgets and target groups and then taking an analytical look at the account insights.

Instagram best practice approaches

For more success on Instagram.

  1. Post the posts at the right time.
  2. Create a content plan in advance.
  3. Incorporate interactive stickers into stories.
  4. Use Instagram Analytics to measure success.
  5. Link your own products in the posts.
  6. Produce creative and target group-specific reels.
  7. Use hashtags and trending audio in shared posts.
  8. Pin the most important posts and create story highlights.
  9. Ensure a consistent and appealing account design.
  10. Enter into collaborations with influencers that suit the company.
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Instagram ad formats

From appealing image ads and creative video content to interactive stories and shopping ads.

You have the opportunity to present your company as well as its products and services in the form of photo ads on Instagram. Photo ads are high-quality images that are inserted into the user’s feed. This gives you the opportunity to draw the attention of potential customers to your company.

To address your (potential) customers in an even more targeted and emotional way, you have the option of placing video ads. Video ads are high-quality videos of up to 2 minutes in length, in which you can present your company and its offer in moving images including suitable acoustic elements.

Carousel ads are advertisements that users can swipe through in their feed and view one after the other. As a company, you have the option of stringing together up to 10 images and videos to present and introduce your products and services in even more detail.

With the help of Collection Ads, you can not only draw the attention of users who see your ad to your company, but also encourage them to buy the advertised products directly. All you need to do is create an Instant Experience that redirects users directly after they click on the images or videos in your ad.

You can use story ads to make your advertising messages even more individual by adding survey stickers, for example, to your image or video alongside a link to your website or online store. This gives users the opportunity to communicate directly with you when they see your ads in full size between their friends’ stories

Reels are particularly popular on Instagram. As a company, you have the opportunity to create creative short videos that allow you to tell your target group your story in the shortest possible time or present products that require explanation in the form of tutorials. Users then have the opportunity to like, save, comment on and share your reels.

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Professional, proactive support and innovative approaches

Loyamo’s social media strategy has not only maximized our reach, but has also led to a sustained increase in interactions and brand awareness. Their professional, proactive support and innovative approaches have been invaluable to us.

Jochen Mumme, Vice President Marketing, VIU Eyewear
Loyamo is a very strong and capable partner

Loyamo is a very strong and capable partner in the planning and implementation of sophisticated paid social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. Thanks to their support, we are continuously increasing our visibility, reach and interactions with our relevant target groups.

Anna-Lena Berthold, Online Marketing Managerin, TUM Campus Heilbronn
mr marine linkedin
The collaboration with Loyamo over the past months has been a great journey of growth and learning.

We received expert support at all times on our LinkedIn & SEO strategy and tailored recommendations. The team’s professionalism, commitment and responsiveness exceeded our expectations. We recommend Loyamo to anyone in search of high-level digital support.

Sara Bernardi, Key Account Director, Mr. Marine

Frequently Asked Ques­tions

Questions & answers about Instagram marketing

Instagram is a social media platform on which both private individuals and companies can share self-created content with their network. The content usually consists of images or videos that can be provided with filters, suitable text passages, music, hashtags and emojis. The platform is free to use, which is why advertising messages are always displayed in the timeline on the user’s homepage while they are using the application.

Instagram is used as a social media platform in all areas of life. On the one hand, users can share their own lives with their followers and at the same time find out about the activities of others. In addition, Instagram is increasingly being used as a source of inspiration for products and services, which is why more and more purchases are being made online via Instagram links shared by influencers on their profiles, for example.

Texts, images, videos, reels and stories can be shared with the network on Instagram. It is also possible to interact directly with the community via livestreams. Instagram posts can be shared, saved, commented on and reposted, which helps to increase the online visibility of the respective account. As a company, you also have the opportunity to advertise your products in your posts with direct links and thus encourage your customers to buy the products in your online store via the platform.

From a business perspective, Instagram marketing can be useful in many ways. In particular, the high number of global users and the opportunity to build an engaged corporate community online speak in favor of including Instagram in your company’s marketing strategy. The use of images, videos, stories and reels evokes stronger emotions in the target group and can help them to feel more individually addressed, which leads to a stronger customer relationship and more brand loyalty in the long term.

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