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Our consulting specialists

We are one of the most versatile digital agencies in Munich with a talented team of specialists from all fields.

Daniel business

Daniel casual

Daniel Lehmann


Daniel Lehmann has more than 15 years of experience in online marketing and specializes in improving digital performance. He is an expert primarily in the channels of SEO, social media and content marketing.

Johannes business

Johannes casual

Johannes Pogiba


Johannes Pogiba has many years of experience in online marketing for B2B and B2C companies. He applies his expertise to various clients on a strategic, analytical and operational level across all channels.

Moritz business

Moritz casual

Moritz Zachris


Moritz Zachris has been advising companies in various sectors on digital marketing for over 10 years. He focuses in particular on planning and implementing cross-channel strategies to increase performance.

Philip business

Philip casual

Philip Betz


Philip Betz works on all aspects of online marketing, advises companies of all sizes on building their digital visibility and focuses on web development.

Kevin business

Kevin business casual

Kevin Rieth


As an online marketing expert, Kevin Rieth supports numerous clients strategically and operationally in expanding their digital performance. His focus is on SEM, tracking, analysis and multi-/omni-channel strategies.

Mario business

Mario casual

Mario Glashauser


Mario Glashauser is an experienced expert in the field of search engine optimization and analytics. He supports both national and international SEO clients in expanding their digital visibility and online presence.

Patrick business

Patrick casual

Patrick Nies


Patrick Nies supports numerous clients in many performance marketing channels. He supports companies of different sizes and from different industries in on-page and off-page SEO, affiliate marketing and content as well as project management.

Theresa business

Theresa casual

Theresa Misselwitz


Theresa Misselwitz is an expert in paid advertising with a focus on social media marketing & SEA. She advises companies of all sizes from concept to reporting as well as in Amazon SEO to increase your marketplace performance.

Sofia business

Sofia casual

Sofia Zitzmann


Sofia Zitzmann specializes in the planning, organization and creation of content. She provides support primarily in the channels of onpage and offpage SEO as well as social media and advises clients on content and structural issues.

Ali business

Ali casual

Ali Hirlak


Ali Hirlak specializes in on-page SEO, SEA and project management. He helps companies to increase their digital visibility. He also supports the team and our clients in all matters relating to online marketing.

Michaela business

Michaela casual

Michaela Melber


Michaela Melber supports companies of all sizes with a focus on SEA and performance marketing. She is also active in all other online marketing areas such as content marketing, affiliate marketing and SEO.

Sarah business

Sarah casual heller

Sarah Plank


Sarah Plank specializes in content, structure and organization. She supports clients particularly in the areas of content, onpage and offpage SEO. She is also active in website development and client CMS support.

Leonie business

Leonie casual

Leonie Raia


Leonie Raia specializes in SEO support and website creation. She is also active in content production and carries out various SEO analyses. She provides support in all online marketing tasks.

Phillip business

Phillip casual

Phillip Traa


Phillip Traa supports clients of all sizes and industries in all areas of online marketing. He looks after them in various channels. His day-to-day tasks also include analysis and website editing.

Franzi business

Franzi casual

Franziska Baumann


Franziska Baumann supports various clients of all sizes. She focuses in particular on search engine optimization and social media. She also provides support in all areas of online marketing.

Kathrin business

Kathrin casual heller

Kathrin Ranzinger


Kathrin Ranzinger supports clients of all sizes in all areas of online marketing. She focuses in particular on SEA, analytics and tracking as well as reporting and monitoring.

Linda business

Linda casual

Linda Trinh


Linda Trinh’s main focus is in the paid area of online marketing. She looks after various clients in the areas of search engine advertising and provides support in all channels of online marketing.

Hannah business

Hannah casual heller

Hannah Kynast


Hannah Kynast supports clients in the areas of content, communication and structure. Her focus is on on-page search engine optimization, project management and reporting & monitoring.

elena rainer

Elena casual

Elena Rainer


Elena Rainer looks after various clients, especially in social media. Her focus is on the areas of creative and content production.

Julia business

Julia business

Julia Malysch


Julia Malysch looks after a large number of clients in performance marketing. Her focus is on the areas of social media and PPC.

stefanie buchinger

stefanie buchinger

Stefanie Buchinger


As editor-in-chief, Stefanie Buchinger has already been responsible for the creation of holistic content strategies for magazines.

dr arpad kanoszay

dr arpad kanoszay

Árpád Kanozsay


Dr. Árpád Kanozsay focuses on the areas of user experience, social advertising and the sustainable optimization of content.

david lohmann

david lohmann

David Lohmann


Years of experience and numerous publications make David Lohmann a proven expert in the fields of business and technology.

julia burger

julia burger

Julia Burger


As an SEA expert, Julia Burger oversees both the conception of start-up campaigns and the management of large corporate accounts.

ivaylo dimitrov

ivaylo dimitrov

Ivaylo Dimitrov


Ivaylo Dimitrov is a proven server administration expert and has in-depth knowledge of (Angular) JS, app development and pagespeed optimization.

André Weihermüller


André Weihermüller specializes in WordPress projects and joins the Loyamo team in the area of web development.





Motchi specializes in walking around the agency, regularly visiting the teams and performing dazzling tricks.

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