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Our services & levers in the area of display ads

Display ads are an essential part of an integrated marketing plan in search engine advertising. Our offer gives you a high reach via the Google network.

Performance optimization

There are a variety of approaches for optimizing advertising in the display network. Even before the campaigns are activated, you can define how often your ad is shown to the same user in the Frequency Management area. This prevents users from feeling annoyed by repeated display advertising. In Google Ads, you can analyze where the ads are delivered. Your display ads agency can then exclude unwanted placements from the campaign.

We analyze all account details and KPIs so that you can keep track of the performance of your campaigns. On this basis, we continuously recommend the next To Dos for your display ads.

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Higher range

Display ads are played out on all channels in the Google Display Network. Thanks to the wide distribution on websites and apps, your message is optimally conveyed.

More customers

By specifically addressing your defined target groups, new users and users with an existing interest in your company can be reached.

Retargeting options

Display ads allow you to retarget users who have previously visited your website. This allows you to target potential customers who have already shown interest.

Measurability & analyses

The performance of your display ads can be precisely measured and analyzed. By tracking clicks, impressions and CVRs, you gain insights to optimize your campaigns.

Flexible display design

Display ads offer flexibility in ad design, allowing you to create creative and diverse ads. This enables customization for different platforms and target groups.

Brand awareness & recognition

By repeatedly placing ads on different websites, you can increase your brand awareness and promote brand recognition in the long term.

How do display screens work?

Good question!

Display ads are banner ads that can be displayed on all websites, YouTube and mobile apps in the Google Display Network. You can determine the placements yourself by deliberately excluding locations for advertising space.

A strategy must be defined before creating display ads. This determines which graphics are to be used to reach which target group and with which budget. The target group can be clustered based on demographic characteristics, specific interests or intentions. Within a remarketing display campaign, the ads reach users who have already visited your website and are familiar with your product portfolio. The ads are played out based on segments with self-collected data.

In order to provide users with high-quality content, creatives must first be created. These are uploaded to Google Ads for responsive display advertising and displayed in different ad combinations. Another option is to upload an animated HTML banner or static ads. The content should appeal to users and convey a clear advertising message from your company.

Reporting in SEA can be used to evaluate the ads that perform best. This results in best-practice approaches for the optimization and creation of further advertising media.

Display ads formats & best practices

Take advantage of the range!


Responsive display ads
Images, text and logos are uploaded to Google Ads. Google then designs the ad based on these assets and displays different ad combinations. Machine learning functions are used to automatically adapt the approach to the target group.

Static display ads
For more control, it is possible to upload existing advertising creations to Google Ads using the upload function.

HTML banners
Animated display ads can be created and uploaded for better storytelling.

The same approach applies to all three types of advertising banners: high-quality content that meets the “need” of the target group and draws the user’s attention to the ads. The ads should not be perceived as annoying and should not be displayed too often to the same user. High-quality creatives in different formats lead to long-term success.

10 display ads best practice approaches

  1. Do not define the target group too narrowly in order to reach enough users.
  2. Upload static ads in different formats.
  3. Use high-quality creatives for responsive display ads.
  4. Test different ad formats and creatives.
  5. Use HTML banners for better storytelling.
  6. Set a clear focus for the user within the graphics.
  7. Incorporate the company logo discreetly into the ad.
  8. Change the advertising media regularly and prevent ad fatigue.
  9. Create user-centered creations that match the position in the funnel.
  10. Test. Test. Test. – What works today doesn’t have to last.
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physio station website
benedikt mueller
physio station logo
Last week we did a complete website, Google SEO and SEA relaunch with Loyamo.

Loyamo provided outstanding support for the project. I am impressed that we met all the deadlines, the concept of the site is very cleverly thought out and structured. The collaboration with the whole Loyamo team is great!

Benedikt Müller, Owner, Physio Station AG
3 bears sea
Loyamo has been an important partner for us for a few years now!

With their customized SEA strategy, they not only supported our successful strategy change last year, but also significantly increased our website traffic and conversions. Their professional team and open communication also set Loyamo apart. We look forward to working with them again!

Jessica Kapp, E-Commerce Shop Managerin, 3 Bears Foods GmbH
viu sea
We look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Thanks to Loyamo’s expertise in SEA, we not only continuously maximize our visibility in paid search results, but also experience a sustained increase in qualified traffic. For us, Loyamo is an indispensable partner for sustainable digital success.

Jochen Mumme, Vice President Marketing, VIU Eyewear
metav shopping konto
Our Google Shopping account was a mess.

With Loyamo’s help, we were able to set it up from scratch via Google Ads, focus on the customer group and achieve better SEA results. We had one contact person who took care of everything the whole time. The focus was always on achieving the best performance with the means available. Absolutely focused on the customer and their needs.

Stephan Bayer, Director, Metav Werkzeuge GmbH
roomours website
For us, the collaboration with Loyamo makes perfect sense.

For us, the collaboration with Loyamo makes perfect sense because the SEO and SEA measures for roomours GmbH are now perfectly coordinated and Loyamo’s interdisciplinary team is very meticulous about the essential nuances in the respective optimization steps – the hoped-for results were already visible after a short time.

Andreas Struppler, Director, roomours GmbH
swissdj website
david gruber
Loyamo's customized SEA strategies have not only increased the visibility of our ads, but also improved the quality of our leads.

Through their data-driven approach, continuous analysis and targeted adjustments, they have optimized our ad campaigns. Communication was transparent and efficient. We always felt well informed about the progress of our campaigns and could rely on the team to do everything they could to achieve our goals.

David Gruber, CEO, SWISS DJ

Frequently Asked Ques­tions

Questions & answers about display ads

Display marketing offers a number of advantages, particularly due to the precise targeting of the target group and the possibility of remarketing, and can be used in addition to SEO optimization. As an agency, we can optimize the success of a display campaign in a targeted manner using relevant KPIs.

The costs of display ads can vary greatly. Depending on the targeting, the competition and the traffic, a click costs between a few cents and up to €50 or more. Your objective determines the budget you should work with.

Some guidelines should be observed when uploading advertising material for display marketing. If the files are incorrectly sized, the performance of the ads may be impaired. Creatives are required in landscape, square and portrait format that look high-quality to your target group.

Unlike ads in the search network, they are delivered at an earlier stage of the purchasing process. This allows interest to be aroused before users search for specific products or services and actively engage with your company’s offering.

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