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We modernize your website and optimize it for search engines to improve your performance and increase your online visibility.

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Our services & levers for the website relaunch

Today, a technically optimized and visually appealing website is one of the most important components of a successful online presence. As an agency for website relaunches, we therefore support you in redesigning your site as effectively as possible.

Relocate ranking & traffic

So that you don’t have to start from scratch, we make sure that all the important pages of your old domain or website are moved to the new Internet address. This gives you the opportunity to maintain your traffic and relevant rankings. Individual analyses and the elaborated strategy help us to discover new potentials and strengthen existing ones. The content of your old website is by no means useless after the relaunch. You can still achieve important conversions and it often makes sense to keep some of the existing content and present it in a new light on the new website.

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✔ More potential customers

By designing your website attractively and aligning your website elements in terms of conversion optimization, you can attract more potential customers.

✔ Modern design

A contemporary design gives the impression of topicality and seriousness. The design can also serve to give the user a first impression of your company.

✔ User friendliness

A clear and simplified structure of your content increases the usability of your website and can therefore lead to longer sessions and better chances of conversion.

✔ Functional extension

With a relaunch, new functions, tools and integrations can be added to improve interaction with visitors and expand your website's offering.

✔ Mobile opti­mization

During the relaunch, your website can be optimized for different screen sizes and device types. This ensures that it works well on smartphones, tablets and other devices.

✔ Improved safety and security

The implementation of current security standards and the integration of data protection guidelines make your website more secure and protect sensitive data.

Why should you carry out a website relaunch with professional support?

Good question!

Commissioning Loyamo for a website relaunch offers you as a client decisive advantages. Thanks to our expertise and experience in web design, website creation and online marketing, we can apply proven strategies to ensure a successful relaunch of your website. In addition, working with our experts takes the pressure off your internal team and enables efficient use of your time and resources.

Through our creative input and innovation, we can help you enhance your website and set it apart from the competition. We have access to the latest technologies and provide ongoing maintenance services after the relaunch to ensure your website is always up and running. Overall, you can increase the quality, efficiency and success of your website relaunch with our professional support.

We accompany your website relaunch

We proceed in the following steps for your website relaunch:

Schedule and management

After the strategic development and consideration of the client’s wishes, we draw up a strict schedule for the realization of the relaunch. This is constantly compared with the progress made in order to be able to react to any delays.

Intensive testing

We put the new website through its paces and monitor it over an extended period of time. This is how we ensure the optimum performance of your site.

Support during the go-live

To ensure that everything runs smoothly during the relaunch, we support you when the website goes live so that we can provide assistance in the event of unexpected problems. On request, we can also continue to monitor and optimize your new web address afterwards.

Are you interested in a consultation?

Arrange a non-binding initial consultation today and see for yourself.

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Last week we did a complete website, Google SEO and SEA relaunch with Loyamo.

Loyamo provided outstanding support for the project. I am impressed that we met all the deadlines, the concept of the site is very cleverly thought out and structured. The collaboration with the whole Loyamo team is great!

Benedikt Müller, Owner, Physio Station AG
saurer website
Loyamo has been supporting us for years in all matters relating to websites, SEA and SEO.

We were particularly impressed by the website relaunch that Loyamo implemented with us. The new website is very appealing and user-friendly. Since the relaunch, our inquiries have at least doubled, which is a great success for us. The collaboration is very professional and effective. We look forward to more successful projects in the future.

Lea Saurer, Deputy Director, Saurer Marking Solutions
We have been working with Loyamo on a basis of trust for years.

The team provides us with strong support throughout the entire SEO process. From keyword research and assistance with technical SEO to optimized texts for dedicated landing pages, Loyamo is the number one contact because they work reliably and flexibly, but also approach the matter critically in order to achieve the best possible result for the TUM Campus Heilbronn. Loyamo is also the first choice for other website issues, such as the short-term implementation of WordPress instances, due to their expertise and flexibility.

Malte Mattick, Marketing Manager Website, TUM Campus Heilbronn

Frequently Asked Ques­tions

Questions & answers about the website relaunch

What is a website relaunch?

A website relaunch involves publishing a new version of the previous website – in other words, it is the relaunch of a website. This relaunch may include technical, content or design changes aimed at improving the user experience and strengthening your online presence. The relaunch should be strategically planned and implemented to ensure that your goals are effectively achieved and your website meets current market requirements.

A relaunch can always be worthwhile if your old site is no longer generating traffic or conversions. It is also helpful when changing your image, adapting to new market trends or simply updating a technical structure that is no longer up to date. In this way, you can ensure that your website keeps pace with current standards and user expectations.

When relaunching a website, special attention should be paid to the actual goal of the site. For example, if you want to generate customers, you should take this into account throughout the planning and programming of the website. The target group also plays a major role: understand the needs of your users and adapt the design and content to their expectations. In addition, the website should be modern, user-friendly and responsive. Another point that should not be underestimated is a sophisticated SEO strategy. Make sure that your website and content are optimized for search engines. We are also happy to advise you on various SEO services.

The process of a website relaunch can be roughly divided into three phases. These include the planning phase (planning the strategy, determining requirements, drafting the concept), the implementation phase (determining the design, technical implementation, data migration) and the final phase (testing, finalization, launch). Of course, this is a simplified representation of the work steps. Each of these points is accompanied by various strategic and operational measures to ensure a successful relaunch at the end. Absolutely important is also the follow-up, in which the performance of the website after the relaunch is monitored and optimized if necessary.

It is impossible to say in general terms how much it costs to relaunch a website. The price always depends on the type of website planned. The greater the functional scope of the site is to be, i.e. the more features there are to be, the higher the effort and the associated costs can be. However, you should bear in mind that a website relaunch is always an important investment in a company’s online presence.

After the go-live, it is particularly important to continuously monitor the website in order to be able to react quickly to any problems. Future strategy development is also particularly important. With these measures, reputable agencies with experience in website relaunches ensure that your rankings develop optimally and that you can find your website high up in the search engines.

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