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Our services & levers in the area of Amazon Ads

A third of all users search for new products or online stores directly on Amazon and not on Google. Optimize your ads and win new customers for your offer via paid advertising. We’ll show you how it works!

Bidding strategy

There are three bidding strategies available in Amazon Advertising. Use our expertise to find the right strategy for you. With “dynamic bids – lower only”, your bids can be lowered by up to 100 %. Amazon estimates the purchase probability and lowers the bids of irrelevant clicks. With “dynamic bids – increase and decrease”, Amazon adjusts your bid upwards or downwards depending on the probability of purchase. The price for a click can be increased by a maximum of 100%. The “fixed bids” bidding strategy ensures that the set bid can neither be increased nor decreased.

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More sales

People who search for certain products on Amazon are already quite far along in the customer journey. They consciously choose Amazon to compare the offer and make purchases.

Higher ROI

Amazon Ads is cheaper compared to Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. The ROI can be increased thanks to the low cost-per-click of the sponsored products and many interested visitors.

Relevant target group approach

Amazon Ads allows ads to be placed based on the behavior and search habits of users. This enables precise targeting of customers who are already searching for similar products.

Measurability & optimization

Amazon Ads offer detailed analysis and reporting functions. The success of your campaigns can be tracked in real time and adjustments can be made based on the performance data. This enables continuous optimization of the ads for better results.

Product presentation

With Amazon Ads, you can not only place text ads, but also product ads that contain images and detailed product information. This enables a more comprehensive presentation of the products and can increase the interest of potential buyers.

Integration with Amazon data

Amazon Ads benefit from the platform's extensive data collection. They have access to data on purchase histories, preferences and user behavior in order to understand their target groups more precisely. This enables a personalized approach.

Amazon Ads formats

These formats are available…

Sponsored Products

Sponsored products appear between the search results as soon as a user searches for a product. They are recognizable as ads by the word “Sponsored”.

Sponsored Brands

This type of ad appears above the other products within a separate section. The company logo, the company name and the labeling are displayed as advertising.

Sponsored Display

Display ads are also available on many different platforms. In Amazon Paid Marketing, products that can also be found on Amazon are displayed within an advertising banner.

How do Amazon ads work?

Let’s dive into the world of Amazon ads together!

You can significantly increase the relevance of your Amazon Ads through ad optimization in SEO. In addition to SEO optimization, it is worth placing paid ads to reach even more users and increase sales.

There are different ways in which sponsored ads are displayed on Amazon. Within Sponsored Products, your products can be seen between the other items and can only be differentiated by the advertising label. Sponsored Brands appear above the articles including logo and company name. If you are already familiar with Google Ads, you will also be familiar with display ads, which can appear in various places on a page in a similar way to Amazon Advertising. The difference is that with Sponsored Ads, the products on the Amazon page are advertised.

10 Amazon Ads best practice approaches

Take advantage of the range!

  1. Invest time in selecting the relevant keywords for your target group.
  2. Select the appropriate advertising types such as display ads or sponsored products.
  3. Use reports to check performance.
  4. Optimize detail pages by price, availability, title, reviews and images.
  5. Use negative targeting to exclude certain detail pages.
  6. Try manual targeting for Sponsored Products.
  7. Set a default bid for automatic targeting.
  8. Create high quality images for your ads.
  9. Familiarize yourself with the relevant KPIs.
  10. Test different ad types and bidding strategies.
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Loyamo has been instrumental in driving forward our digital ambitions with their extensive online marketing expertise.

Their customized strategies, whether in SEO, SEA or social media, lead to a sustainable increase in our online visibility. In Loyamo, we have found a reliable partner who not only understands our marketing goals, but also implements them.

Jochen Mumme, Vice President Marketing, VIU Eyewear
Loyamo continues to impress us in online marketing.

Loyamo continuously impresses us in online marketing with its extensive
expertise, foresight and a high level of commitment. The contact persons
Loyamo’s reliable and professional approach and support make a significant
support make a significant contribution to our success.

Anna-Lena Berthold, Online Marketing Managerin, TUM Campus Heilbronn

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & answers about Amazon Ads

It is not possible to make a general statement about which bidding strategy for Sponsored Products performs best. It is up to you to decide whether you want to retain bid control through “fixed bids” or give Amazon the freedom to increase and decrease the cost-per-click. This is particularly worthwhile if you want to increase the impressions, clicks and sales opportunities of your products.

To be able to sell on Amazon, you need suitable products that comply with the guidelines. The offer must be new and may not be sold in used or damaged condition. Paid marketing on Amazon is possible for certain categories. These include: clothing, appliances, batteries, beauty, camera, electronics and many more.

You can choose between different types of ads, which differ in terms of content and placement:

  • Sponsored Products: these ads have the most sales per click as they appear alongside the other organic products.
  • Sponsored Brands: In contrast to Google Shopping Ads, these ads convert 3 times as often. Costs are only incurred as soon as a user actively clicks on the sponsored product.
  • Sponsored Display: They can appear in different places on a product page. Payment is based on the cost per 1000 impressions. This means that you pay a price for every 1000 impressions of the advertising banner.
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