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Top 8 Chat GPT Prompts


🚀 Curious about how Chat GPT can specifically help with online marketing?

👉 Swipe through our carrousel now and discover 8 Chat GPT prompts that we prefer to use in our online marketing agency.

Our top 8 Chat GPT prompts as an agency

SEO Prompt 1

While we tend to rely on external tools (such as Sistrix) for keyword research & relevance, clustering works with the following prompt:

SEO Prompt 2

This allows you to quickly and easily find long tail keywords for the main keyword you have defined. You can also output the approximate search volumes from Chat GPT, although we recommend using other tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Sistrix.

SEO Prompt 3

Arguably the fastest and easiest way to create structured data markup. You can copy the Chat GPT code and paste it into your website’s HTML code.

CRM Prompt

You can make it even more specific by including background information about your brand and a maximum number of characters.

Content Marketing Prompt

With this prompt, the text generated by Chat GPT becomes less “machine-like” and has a more human touch.

Copywriting Prompt

By assigning a role to Chat GPT, you can better match the intent of the text.

Ideas Prompt

When it comes to content prompts, it is important to give the right prompt, i.e. H. Include “descriptive”, “creative”, “informative”, “narrative”, “convincing” etc. in the prompt.

Content Prompt

In this way, the content of direct competitors can be analyzed and content gaps can be closed.

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