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SGE in Google Search


🚀 Is Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) revolutionizing Google search?

Here are 5 facts:

🌍 Global access: according to experts, SGE is already available in over 120 countries. Not yet in Germany.

👉 More precise and contextually relevant: By using advanced AI technologies, Google is working on making search results pages (SERPs) not only more accurate, but also more relevant to the context of the search query.

🔎 SEO change: This development implies significant changes for search engine optimization (SEO).

0️⃣ Increase in 0-click search queries: With SGE, the number of search queries that are answered directly on the results page is increasing. Both a challenge and an opportunity for content creators and marketers!

💰 Access to content behind paywalls: Interestingly, SGE displays content that is hidden behind paywalls – even if it is blocked by robots.txt.

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