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Training in marketing


In the world of marketing, one thing is certain: the learning curve is as steep as the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. From the latest trends in SEO to the rapid developments in social media marketing, there is always something new to discover and master.

Through regular meetings, internal training and the joint analysis of case studies, Loyamo not only exchanges experiences but also develops innovative approaches.

Further training for our online marketing experts

The dynamic nature of marketing requires team members to regularly discuss the latest trends and best practices to ensure that they can always offer their clients optimal solutions. New and exciting tasks await our online marketing experts every day.

We encourage a lively exchange among each other to ensure that everyone is informed in the relevant areas.

To achieve this goal, we at Loyamo have set up various channels to share knowledge:

Trade fairs and events

We use trade fairs and events to expand our knowledge and make contact with other experts. Discussions, workshops and presentations at these events provide valuable insights and promote the exchange of knowledge within the company.

In 2023, for example, we were represented at BrightonSEO in Brighton, SEOKomm in Salzburg, CMCX in Cologne, OMT in Mainz and tactixx in Munich.

These events are known for their high-caliber speakers, interactive workshops and inspiring presentations, which offer a deep insight into current developments and challenges in the field of online marketing.

Our consultants use these opportunities to participate in discussions and workshops and gain new insights that they can integrate directly into their work. Through direct exchange with other professionals, they can expand their knowledge, gain new perspectives and benefit from the best practices of others.

In addition, trade fairs and events also provide an ideal platform for forging new partnerships and maintaining existing relationships. Networking is an essential part of these events and will also enable our experts to make valuable contacts, meet potential clients and exchange ideas with other companies at the upcoming SEO events in 2024.

Specialized Weeklys

The SEO Weekly discusses current trends, best practices and strategies in the field of organic search engine optimization. Technical aspects such as on-page optimization, content strategies, backlinking and seeding strategies as well as current developments in search engine algorithms are covered. Subject matter experts share their knowledge and experience to ensure that the team is always informed about the most effective methods for improving the visibility of websites in search results.

The SEA Weekly focuses on paid search advertising and campaign management. Topics such as keyword research, ad optimization, budget management and performance analysis are covered here. Our experts share the latest tools and techniques to ensure clients’ advertising campaigns are effective and deliver a positive ROI.

Through these specialist weekly meetings, we have the opportunity to continuously deepen our knowledge, learn new strategies and keep up to date with the latest developments. This not only contributes to the individual development of our consultants, but also strengthens Loyamo’s position as an expert in the field of online marketing.

All Hands events

The All Hands events at Loyamo are characterized by knowledge sharing, discussions and team-building activities that take place every three to four months. These meetings serve as a platform for the presentation and discussion of highly topical issues in the field of online marketing.

At each All Hands event, topics are presented that are highly relevant to the industry. Our experts not only share their expertise, but also offer insights into current trends, challenges and best practices. The presentations allow our consultants to learn from the experiences and insights of their peers and gain new perspectives.

The presentations are followed by lively discussions where views can be exchanged, questions asked and ideas shared. These interactive discussions not only promote understanding of the topics covered, but also strengthen team spirit and encourage collaboration within the company.

To further strengthen the bond and cohesion within the team, the All Hands events at Loyamo end with a meal and drinks together.

Information procurement in online marketing

In an industry so characterized by change, the willingness to continuously learn and adapt is a critical success factor. At Loyamo, this is not just a philosophy, but an integral part of the company culture that helps keep the company at the forefront of the ever-changing marketing environment.

In addition to in-house training and events, our experts utilize a variety of online resources to continuously expand their expertise and stay up-to-date. From renowned industry blogs and trade journals to online courses and webinars, our experts draw on a wide range of information sources to keep up to date with the latest trends, tools and best practices in online marketing. In addition, social media are important platforms for our experts to exchange ideas with like-minded people, ask questions and hold discussions.

These diverse channels ensure a continuous flow of information and promote a culture of learning and knowledge sharing at Loyamo.

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