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Internationalization in e-commerce

We offer you the chance to take your electronic commerce international and open up new markets. Make your products and services available to a wider audience, increase your brand awareness and take advantage of opportunities to sustainably increase your sales and image. At Loyamo, we accompany you throughout the entire process of internationalizing your online shops. We support you in incorporating relevant factors into your decisions and implementation to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Important aspects of eCommerce

First analyze, then act.

As a full-service agency, we are your central point of contact for the development, implementation and monitoring of online marketing strategies.

Other countries, other customs?

Store internationalization is sometimes a lengthy process. Depending on the scope and number of countries into which you want to expand and for which you want to convert your online shop, new challenges arise.

Shop internationalization pays off!

As experts in search engine optimization (SEO), it is our job to always be informed about changes, updates and new challenges. Changes are always opportunities that need to be exploited. Our SEO experts know how. Because our work changes and reinvents itself every day, we never lose our enthusiasm for our job – and our clients benefit from this. We have many years of experience in search engine optimization.

The basics of SEO still apply to some extent. It is important to know exactly what search engines expect from your website. In the near future, a new category of factors is expected to have a significant influence on the ranking of a website. The so-called Core Web Vitals are the loading process of a website, the interactivity on it and its visual stability. In a study, Amazon found that the loading time (page speed) has a significant influence on sales. A 100ms faster loading time can already mean 1% more sales. Or to put it another way. A slow website means less business success.

Successful shop internationalization with Loyamo

For our work, we use a variety of tools that allow us to precisely analyze your website. Based on our findings, we define and localize weaknesses, errors and opportunities to improve your online presence and thus increase the success of your company. E-A-T plays a major role in search engine rankings. The expertise, authority and trust is determined by the quality of the content on your website. EAT is particularly important for search queries relating to YMYL (Your Money or Your Life). We help you to focus your content on expertise, reputation and trust.

Every customer and every project is exciting for us, as different concepts and solutions are required. When it comes to SEO, there is no generally valid formula that is applied or checklist that is worked through and guarantees success. You should therefore refrain from hiring an SEO agency that offers you a complete solution at fixed prices. The effort involved always varies and requires a precise requirements profile, which we will create for you without obligation in the form of a quick check. So get in touch with us today and we will help you with your online presence.

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Senior Consultant

Mario Glashauser is an experienced expert in the field of search engine optimization and analytics. He supports both national and international SEO clients in expanding their digital visibility and online presence.

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