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We support you in the strategic alignment, content planning and creation of your social media activities and then analyze and optimize your performance.

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Our services & levers for social media consulting

Social media consulting is critical to success when it comes to optimizing your social media presence. The goal of social media consulting is to help you achieve your social media goals, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, generating leads or improving customer loyalty. With professional advice, you can improve your online presence, interact effectively with your target audience and build long-term relationships with them.

Community management

Community management is not just about responding to comments. Rather, community management takes a proactive approach to building and maintaining an active and engaged community. This includes initiating and moderating discussions, responding to questions and feedback and encouraging interaction between followers. By building personal relationships with community members, you can strengthen the trust and loyalty of customers towards your brand.

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✔ Targeted strategies

Social media can be used in a targeted manner to address the target group represented there and present suitable content at the right time.

✔ Increase in brand awareness

With professional social media consulting, you have the chance to increase your visibility on social media and boost your brand awareness.

✔ Improving customer loyalty

Effective social media strategies encourage regular interactions and the development of strong customer relationships, which increases the success of the company.

✔ Lead and sales generation

Targeted advertising campaigns and CTA strategies allow you to reach more potential customers in your target group and thus increase your CVR in the long term.

✔ New markets and target groups

Innovative approaches can open up new markets and target groups, leading to greater reach and increased sales opportunities.

✔ Reputation

Professional monitoring and quick responses to feedback allow you to protect your social media reputation and mitigate any negative impact.

Why is social media consulting useful?

Good question!

Our social media consulting supports you in exploiting the full potential of your social media presence. With the ever-growing complexity and dynamics of social media, professional advice is essential to identify relevant trends and develop effective strategies. At Loyamo, we have extensive expertise and experience in social media marketing, which enables us to offer customized strategies and solutions tailored to your individual needs and goals.

From developing a comprehensive strategy and creating engaging content to managing advertising campaigns and analyzing performance, Loyamo offers a holistic approach that will help you expand your reach, increase your brand awareness and build long-term relationships with your target audience. By engaging our social media consultancy, you can rest assured that you will benefit from the latest developments and best practices in social media and effectively achieve your marketing goals with our support.

Does it make sense to continue social media consulting?

Social media consulting is like a reliable compass on a journey through the digital sea.

The continuation of social media consulting undoubtedly makes sense, especially given the importance of digital presence and interaction on social media for businesses today. In an ever-changing landscape of social media and ever-changing user behavior, it is crucial that businesses continually update strategies and approaches.

Social media consulting acts as the key to adapting and innovating in this space by helping you identify trends , expand your reach , increase your brand awareness and build a deeper connection with your target audience. Additionally, social media consulting offers the opportunity to optimize return on investment (ROI) by enabling targeted and efficient use of available resources. Given the central role that social media plays in marketing and customer communication, the continuation of social media consulting is a critical component of a successful business strategy.

Are you interested in a consultation?

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Professional, proactive support and innovative approaches

Loyamo’s social media strategy has not only maximized our reach, but has also led to a sustained increase in interactions and brand awareness. Their professional, proactive support and innovative approaches have been invaluable to us.

Jochen Mumme, Vice President Marketing, VIU Eyewear
Loyamo is a very strong and capable partner

Loyamo is a very strong and capable partner in the planning and implementation of sophisticated paid social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. Thanks to their support, we are continuously increasing our visibility, reach and interactions with our relevant target groups.

Anna-Lena Berthold, Online Marketing Managerin, TUM Campus Heilbronn
mr marine linkedin
The collaboration with Loyamo over the past months has been a great journey of growth and learning.

We received expert support at all times on our LinkedIn & SEO strategy and tailored recommendations. The team’s professionalism, commitment and responsiveness exceeded our expectations. We recommend Loyamo to anyone in search of high-level digital support.

Sara Bernardi, Key Account Director, Mr. Marine

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & answers on social media consulting

Why is social media consulting important?

Social media consulting is important if you want to achieve certain goals with and in social media. These include, for example, increasing brand awareness, generating leads or improving customer loyalty. The consultation enables you to develop effective strategies and make optimum use of your resources.

Social media consulting is useful for companies of all sizes and industries that want to expand their presence on social media. From small start-ups to established companies, everyone can benefit from professional advice on how to achieve their social media goals.

The results of social media consulting can vary depending on the goals and implementation of the strategies. Possible results include increased reach, increased target audience interaction, improved brand awareness, higher customer satisfaction and better ROI for your social media activities.

Choosing the right social media platforms depends on various factors, including your company’s target audience, the type of products or services you offer and your marketing objectives. Typical platforms on which companies are represented are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok.

The cost of social media consulting can vary depending on the scope of services, the complexity of the strategies and the size of your business. There are various pricing models, including hourly fees, monthly retainers or project-based costs, which can be used to calculate costs.

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