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Our services & levers in the area of link building

Link building is an essential strategy for increasing the authority and visibility of your website in search engine results. The targeted development of backlinks from high-quality and relevant websites can increase the relevance and trustworthiness of your own website. Our link building measures are designed to improve your ranking and generate more organic traffic.

Guest posts

Guest posts on established blogs and websites are an effective way to gain quality backlinks. We identify relevant platforms in your industry, create unique and informative articles and place them on high-ranking websites. This not only increases your visibility, but also strengthens your position as an expert in your field.

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✔ Improved authority

By building backlinks from trustworthy and topic-relevant websites, the authority of your website is increased in the eyes of search engines. This leads to a better ranking and increases your website traffic.

✔ More organic traffic

High-quality backlinks help to make your website more visible in search engine results. This leads to more organic traffic and a higher likelihood of potential customers visiting your website.

✔ Long-term results

While many marketing efforts may yield short-term results, link building offers long-term benefits. Once gained, backlinks can have a positive impact on your rankings and traffic over a long period of time.

Why is link building important?

Link building is a crucial factor for the success of your website – invisible, but of immense importance.

Link building is crucial because it has a direct impact on the authority and ranking of your website in search engine results. By strategically building high-quality backlinks from trustworthy and relevant websites, you can improve your visibility and increase the likelihood that users will find and visit your website. A strong link building strategy not only helps improve your position in search results but also strengthens your reputation and authority in your field. Overall, link building is an essential component of any SEO strategy that helps enhance the success of your website in the digital space and increase your company’s credibility.

What are the most common mistakes made in link building?

Good question!

In our experience, the most common mistakes made when implementing link building measures are the following:

  • Purchasing low-quality or unnatural links
  • Lack of analysis of the existing backlink profile
  • Neglecting topic-relevant backlinks
  • Overuse of keyword-rich anchor text
  • Ignoring broken links on your own website
  • Lack of diversification of link sources
  • No regular review and updating of the link building strategy
  • Neglecting the quality of the linked content
  • Lack of local link building measures
  • Insufficient collaboration with other websites and blogs


When improving your link profile with the help of our comprehensive link building support, we ensure that you are not affected by these errors and that nothing stands in the way of successful project implementation.

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3 bears sea
Loyamo has been an important partner for us for a few years now!

With their customized SEA strategy, they not only supported our successful strategy change last year, but also significantly increased our website traffic and conversions. Their professional team and open communication also set Loyamo apart. We look forward to working with them again!

Jessica Kapp, E-Commerce Shop Managerin, 3 Bears Foods GmbH
viu website
Loyamo has been instrumental in driving forward our digital ambitions with their extensive online marketing expertise.

Their customized strategies, whether in SEO, SEA or social media, lead to a sustainable increase in our online visibility. In Loyamo, we have found a reliable partner who not only understands our marketing goals, but also implements them.

Jochen Mumme, Vice President Marketing, VIU Eyewear
burda direct website
With Loyamo, we have had a trustworthy and more than competent partner in the field of conversion rate optimization at our side for over 5 years.

In addition to their proven performance, I particularly appreciate their reliability and the great professional and personal exchange at eye level. Sparring helps us to identify and exploit new optimization potential. I look forward to continuing our successful collaboration.

Svenja Gansauge, Head of Business & Client Development, Hubert Burda Media
Loyamo continues to impress us in online marketing.

Loyamo continuously impresses us in online marketing with its extensive
expertise, foresight and a high level of commitment. The contact persons
Loyamo’s reliable and professional approach and support make a significant
support make a significant contribution to our success.

Anna-Lena Berthold, Online Marketing Managerin, TUM Campus Heilbronn
mr marine website
The collaboration with Loyamo over the past months has been a great journey of growth and learning.

We received expert support at all times on our SEO & LinkedIn strategy and tailored recommendations. The team’s professionalism, commitment and responsiveness exceeded our expectations. We recommend Loyamo to anyone in search of high-level digital support.

Sara Bernardi, Key Account Director, Mr. Marine
ifolor blog
We've been partnering with Loyamo since 2018.

We’ve been partnering with Loyamo since 2018, crafting a series of flourishing content marketing campaigns. Loyamo’s impressive SEO skills, combined with their creative content strategies, have effectively achieved and often surpassed our campaign goals and expectations.

Mauro Cattaneo, SEO Lead, ifolor
holidaycheck website
In recent years, we have relied on Loyamo's support in all SEO matters.

We were able to draw on extensive and elaborate analyses as well as advice and support in technical SEO. We particularly appreciate the open exchange and honest feedback as well as the expertise and experience of Loyamo employees.

Christian Hübsch, SEO Lead, HolidayCheck
swisscom website
Baris Gündogdu
Loyamo has been supporting us for many years in all matters relating to SEO.

From technical analyses and content briefings to implementation across all steps. Together, we expand our content in a targeted manner and thus generate sustainable growth for our extensive verticals! We look forward to continuing our high-performance collaboration in the future.

Baris Gündogdu, Head of Performance Marketing & Analytics, Swisscom
c&a website
Referenz Patrick Grunwald
Loyamo has established itself as an important SEO partner for C&A over the past few years.

We appreciate the high quality and strategic advice and the open discussions about the daily challenges in SEO. We look forward to working with Loyamo in the future and are absolutely convinced that we can benefit from Loyamo’s expertise.

Patrick Grunwald, Head of SEO, C&A

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & answers about link building

What is the difference between link building and content marketing?

Link building focuses on building backlinks from external websites to improve the authority and ranking of your own website. Content marketing, on the other hand, aims to create and distribute valuable and informative content to increase the interest and engagement of your target audience. However, both strategies complement each other ideally, as high-quality content promotes natural backlinks and thus supports link building efforts.

Link building requires a targeted strategy and continuous effort. This can include analyzing your existing backlink profile, identifying relevant and high-quality guest posting sites, creating shareable content, and implementing broken link building techniques. It is also important to regularly monitor progress and adjust strategy to achieve optimal results. We would be happy to take on these tasks for you so that you can concentrate on your core business.

The time it takes for the first link building results to become visible can vary. This depends on factors such as competition in your industry, the quality and number of backlinks, and the intensity of the measures taken. However, you can usually start to see improvements in your website’s rankings and traffic within a few months.

Anchor texts are the visible, clickable texts in a hyperlink. They play an important role in link building as they provide search engines with information about the content of the linked page. However, excessive use of keyword-rich anchor text can be viewed as manipulation and result in a penalty. Therefore, it is important to use a natural and diverse selection of anchor texts.

Broken links are broken or non-functioning links on a website. They are important for link building because they provide a way to gain high-quality backlinks. By identifying broken links on relevant websites and offering webmasters to replace them with links to your high-quality content, you can improve the user experience on the linking pages while gaining valuable backlinks for your own website.

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